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Fluke 323 clamp meter

Fluke 323 Clamp Meter

Whether you are a professional craftsman or not, you should consider purchasing The Fluke 323. As the True-RMS Clamp Meter offers many benefits, especially portability and accurate reading. It is a modern product and an excellent choice for your home depot.

The Fluke 323 True-RMS meters can read distorted waveforms. So if you have a nonlinear load in your circuit still the meter can give you the desired reading. The jaw opening measures current up to 30mm without having to touch or interrupting the circuit. You may simply hang the clamp meter while troubleshooting. While using a clamp meter you are always safe from blowing fuses. The meter is highly recommended as it has a lot going for it. The slim design meter earned high rating with relatively few negative reviews from the users.

Unboxing the clamp meter

  1. Meter having a size of 8.15″ (207mm) x 3″ (75mm) x 1.34″ (34mm) and Weight 9.3oz (265g)
  2. batteries (AAA x2)
  3. Test leads (with safety shrouds)
  4. Carry pouch
  5. Instructions (fluke 323 manual)

Fluke 323 unboxing

Key Features

  • The fluke 323 can measure amperage, voltage, and continuity.
  • This clamp Meter measures up to 400 amps of AC current and resistance up to 4 kilohms. It is good enough for general purpose measurement.
  • It can also measure AC or DC voltage up to 600 volts including safety rating CAT IV 300V/CAT III 600 V. So the meter meets the IEC safety standard.
  • The low battery indicator and audible continuity sensor make it more user-friendly.
  • The 4000-count screen can display 399.9V.


Last but not the least, it can hold the last measurements. Which is a favorite feature of many hobbyist and professionals.

Here is a video “How To Measure Current on a Power Cord” using Fluke

Let’s check out the pros and cons why this is such a popular portable multimeter.


  • Highly durable and portable product
  • The continuity sensor is audible.
  • Easy to take reading continuously with a display hold option.
  • Affordable price range for a Fluke Multimeter
  • Having ergonomic grip and design.


  • The leads are not of good quality.
  • The case is a bit tight to fit the meter while having the leads plugged in
  • Backlight not available.
  • It measures only AC current


This meter is under a two-year warranty.


In a nutshell, This model is popular for HVAC industry. As the features and specialties of the product description, it is definitely worth buying it for your everyday/general use. If you want to spend a little bit more money you might want to checkout Fluke-179 EDA2 six piece industrial Electronics multimeter combo kit.

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