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Choosing best multimeter

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Multimeter

Choosing the Best Multimeter

We will be explaining the key points that will help you to know better about a multimeter. Firstly, you will get the general idea about what you should consider and how you will pick yours.

Yet, advance models having a wide range of measures will also be reviewed. As a technologically advanced person, it will guide you to know more specific attributions.

The common features of a digital multimeter are frequency, conductance, resistance, inductance, continuity. The advance multimeter models include decibels, Graphs, Rotation per minute (RPM), Waterproof, Microamps etc. On the other hand, analog multimeters are best known for lower input impedance than a digital mm. But they are usually limited to reading amps, volts, and ohms. Check out the differences between DMM and AMM. Other than cost here are a few things you need to know. Let’s go deep down into the following parameters.

High accuracy

Various tolerances, offset noise and other factors may cause an error. The accuracy is the maximum percentage of allowed error limit including the least significant digit (LSD). This limit is expressed as “±”.


High accuracy example

More precise accuracy equals more money. Honestly, if you are a professional you need to ensure best accurate reading which includes resistance, capacitance, voltage, current and all those other values. If you are a hobbyist you need to ensure that you are not overpaying for the product. Buy the product which fits your requirement for more efficient project costing.

The resolution

Detecting the smallest change in the output end what there is the smallest change in the input side. The more sensitive the reading is needed to be the more precise resolution mm you need. In fact, it is the major factor that differentiates the quality of a multimeter. It doesn’t matter which profession you belong you need to pick the mm having best resolution.

Check out the True RMS

It measures the equivalent direct current (DC) value of an AC signal evaluating the effectiveness of any wave signal. Sinusoidal waves can be measured with better accuracy. Computers and HVAC devices having short pulses require True RMS.

Input impedance

Most digital multimeters feature high input impedance greater than one mega-ohm. Analog multimeters from old generation have a disadvantage from the perspective. As it’s impedance is as low as ten kilo-ohms. Low impedance can damage sensitive circuits. However, the older analog meter is useful to test circuits where low impedance won’t have any impact.

Using a digital mm will be helpful to work with high-tech staff.

Here are a few more qualities. Although you need to know these features for analog mm. Still, it will help you to gain more knowledge for both. Most digital mm have these features built-in.

Auto Ranging or Manual Ranging

Suppose you don’t know the range of values of your component. In this particular situation, auto ranging multimeter will find the values for you. That means it haves the ability to detect the equipment and it’s parameters values. This feature comes really useful especially when you are working on some new project. It also saves time. As for a manual ranging multimeter you have to know the range of values your apparatus falls.

Safety Features

Safety is gainful, Accident is painful !

For a small DIY project cheap multimeter is enough. But large projects where you need to work on a circuit more than 30-35V you need to consider safety issues. Every model has its own construction and design. Coated banana plugs on the probes, isolation slots preventing arc over, blast shields protection avoiding unforeseen events. Also, the input protection is the major things you need to check of a multimeter. Don’t worry though, we got all covered in our reviews.

Design & Build

Many types of measuring instruments are used in all laboratories. These equipment are mostly used to validate product standards. The construction and design are not apart at all. As it influences many other factors of your favorite multimeter. While choosing a multimeter you should keep in mind the above factors, besides pick the one which grabs your attention. We will be explaining more details of each multimeter under each multimeter specifications.

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