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Best analog multimeter 2018

Best Analog Multimeter 2018

Among the two major categories of the multimeter, Digital multimeters are widely used nowadays. But in some cases, analog multimeter leads digital multimeter. The most common cases are, an analog multimeter is more durable and accurate.

Most professionals love analog multimeters. While working with a complex electrical system especially when the electrical current is fluctuating analog works better. Digital mm can take time to detect rapid fluctuation of a value.

The needle pointing out the values of a parameter gives the electronics hobbyist a better feeling, not something you can ignore.

Check out our Experts Guide section to learn more about the differences between analog mm and digital mm.

Simpson 260-8 | The Ultimate Analog VOM

Simpson 260-8 Analog VOM

Simpson is a brand you can trust. The user rating and reviews prove that this model is the most picked and dependable analog multimeter you can count on. There is no doubt, this Analogue multimeter is the top pick for a long time in the multimeter industry.


  • Easy to operate: Contains two knobs to control ranges and functions
  • Durable: Rugged phenolic construction for the field
  • Excellent for adjustments such as nulling and peaking
  • AC frequency response to 100 KHz
  • Zero RFI Standard and high energy overload fusing
  • Reverse recessed safety jacks and Self-shielding taut-band meter adds shock resistance.
Simpson 360-8 knob
  • A broad range of accessories and probes
  • Wide range capabilities: More than 20 measurement ranges for AC voltage, current and resistance, DC voltage and current
  • Overload protection relay circuits
  • Included: test leads, alligator clips, manual, batteries, fuses, and a spare 1A fuse.

TekPower TP7244L 7-Function Analog Multimeter

TekPower TP7244L review

TekPower is a very popular brand. This analog model earned users attention for its cheap cost with high performance. TP722L consists of 7 functions and 20 range along with high accuracy. It can measure 4 ranges of DC voltage (These include 10v, 2.5v, 0.5v, and 0.1v.) under 10V, current (as low as a few microamps using the 50 micro amp range with 3% accuracy), continuity, resistance and decibel values. You can use the meter to do multiple tasks like performing diode tests as well. Some additional features with this model are decibel value measurement, backlight, zero adjustments, kickstand, Strong Protective Holster and CAT II rating. It comes with a 1-year product warranty assuring product durability.

General Specifications

  • Power: 2 X AA,
  • Battery life: 10 hours of continuous use,
  • Fuses: 250 mA / 250 V & 10 A / 250 V.
  • Dimensions: 6 1/2″ X 3 1/2″ X 1 1/2″
  • Weight: 11.3 Oz

Technical Specifications

  • Audible continuity checker
  • Decibel value measurement,
  • Diode Test,
  • DCV: 0 – 100 mV ± 0.5%/ 500 mV / 2.5 V / 10 V / 50 V / 250 V / 500 V ± 3.0%,
  • ACV: 0 – 10 V / 50 V / 250 V / 500 V ± 4.0%,
  • DCA: 50 ?A / 2.5 mA / 25 mA / 250 mA / 10A ± 3.0%, (all ranges fused),
  • Resistance: 2K / 20K / 200K / 2M / 20M Ohm ± 3.0%,

Mastech Sunwa YX360-TRE-B 8-Function Multimeter

Mastech Sunwa YX360 TRE-B

Sunwa 8 function and 19 ranges multimeter is another cheap multimeter you can argue to be the best one. It has some unique functions as well as it is a useful tool for general purposes.

The tester is very much durable and it can last for years if it is used with care. Its battery strength is also high. Sunwa YX360-TRE is a tough competitor as it beats the other models being the most cost-efficient. It also maintained a high user rating indicating you can confidently buy this product.

Note that the model is best suites for individual-level use. The meter does not compromise at all in the quality of its readings. But if you want to use the meter every day as a professional or service technician. Then you should consider looking for other models.

TekPower TP7040 20 range Analog Multimeter

TekPower TP7040 review

Among the analog multimeters, TP7040 is the most stylish multimeter. It contains a hypersensitive strong needle that provides reading quicker being accurate and reliable. This analog multimeter reads AC and DC voltage, continuity, while the resistance scales with zero calibration. This is why the device can give you very small resistance measurement. In a sentence, we can describe the meter as “a great tool for the money”.

Product features

  • High Sensitive needle
  • Coded and mirrored scale plate
  • Meets EN61010-1 standard
  • Fused with protective holster
  • 90 days money back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty

Triplett 3030 Analog Voltmeter

Triplett 3030 multimeter review

A multimeter with minimum parallax error used to measure AC or DC voltage up to 600V, resistance, continuity, and decibels. The model was build focusing to reduce error while taking readings as much as possible. This model comes really handy for professional use. The multi-meter is also portable. Industry specialist prefers to use this model for high-end use. Diagnosing a problem has never been such easier with Triplett 3030 multimeter.


  • Includes increased repeat-ability by elimination of friction between pivots and bearings.
  • Greater ruggedness and durability (no moving parts are in contact and the elimination of hairspring prevents snagging and tangling.)
  • The tension spring acts as a built-in shock absorber.
  • Temperature variations can not cause sticky operation of the pointer.
  • Decibel function for audio work
  • All ranges are fuse protected
  • Thermoset plastic case
  • Single range switch to help reduce the chance of operator error

To conclude

An analog multimeter can save you time or even money. It has some significant advantages over digital multimeter. Such as digital multimeters cannot show you a dead spot as they bounce around in the readout which can be confusing sometimes. You might not know if the device is bad or good.

The analog multimeters reviewed above are the top picked meters of the market. All of the models proven their quality with high performance. These can be your ultimate solution for troubleshooting.

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